whoa. so here it is. the birth of the long awaited public blog. maybe that’s just wishful thinking that it was long awaited, at least i know steph wanted it. 🙂

so, now we begin this odd, somewhat awkward relationship. my feelings subject to your thoughts. my world, on a page. it’s weird really how these things start. they start for different reasons. some of us want to become better writers; some just want to stay in touch; and some have this unspoken desire to be raw with life, subjecting it the view of friends, neighbors, and strangers. i think i fall into the last category and i kinda feel lame for that being the basis of appeal for a blog life.

so yup, here it goes. welcome to my life. ha.


2 thoughts on “Whoa

  1. silly me, I started mine to just get my thoughts out and didn’t really connect on strangers finding me when I posted on their sites. But I’ve been encouraged by their comments and their blogs. I’m glad I’m out in that blogging world. Good to be challenged by others and encouraged by their thoughts as well.

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