The Story Behind the Name

“Seeking reckless abandon”

Since December of 2006 God has been challenging me hard core to learn how to live a life of Him and a life of love. so somehow, i cannot claim it as my own phrase, the words reckless abandon kept creeping their way into my life. whether it be through song, prayer, conversation, it kept appearing. obviously, i was not ok with words like reckless and abandon being used next to my name. no no. i liked control, schedules, plans, back up plans, alternative plans. you get the idea. however God is a big God and had a concept He desired for me to embrace. so i am still trying to embrace it and figure out what a life lived with reckless abandon for my King looks like.

so really, I wanted to name the blog “with reckless abandon” but as stated, i am not the only one who has fallen for this ideology, if you could call it that, and it was taken. so my dear friend Stephanie ( tried to help me think of alternative wording for this idea. we did what any college student would and we asked webster what other words to use. we began looking for substitutesto reckless and found nothing we liked. then we looked at abandon and found that one of our alternatives was the word ardor. thankfully i listened to my gut say “go look that word up before using it” and good thing i did; for the second definition of the word is “sexual excitement”. yup my blog would have meant reckless sexual excitement. not quite the lesson Jesus is trying to teach me. 🙂

The Story Behind the Name

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