1 guess. you get one guess as to where i am heading in a just a few hours. <<<insert pause>>>

yup. headed to oklahoma to see my mom’s  brothers and that side of the family. i know it means a lot to her to go see her brothers and some of her nieces and nephews. it’s somewhat of a spontaneous trip, spurred after one of the brothers thought he was going to be declared legally blind. he always calls my mom first when something happens and she decided maybe we should all just get together. so all 3 brothers and my mom along with their spouses will be present. 5, possible 6 of my 9 cousins will be there and then ross and i. it will be an interesting trip.

i have always struggled to connect with this side of the family more. i think part is due to the fact that my cousin close to my age is so very very different than I. and there is a huge age gap between cousins. but now they all have babies, mom is the only sibling that is not a grandparent, and i like babies.

i tend to get really quiet at these gatherings with this side. i don’t know why. i was always intimidated by them when i was little and i think that has carried over. so i’m going to ask Jesus to help and lead my heart, attempt to support my mom as i know this means a lot to her and not all that much to the rest of us going. and try to play with a baby, and maybe spend some time with my cousin, and find an excuse to go shopping, and listen to some sweet music on the drive and maybe watch a movie.

so pray if you feel led. <<<sigh>>> ok. talk to you sunday.


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