I Have Returned

i should have pictures to share with you, but i didn’t really take many. i will look through the few i have and throw some up soon maybe.

here is a recap of oklahoma:

*ate more food in 2.5 days than most people should eat in a week.

*real cherry limeades


*more olympics

*watched some more of the olympics

*fell alseep to the olympics

*put a second cousin to sleep twice 🙂

* watch a cousin’s belly move and wave from baby #2

* realized that i probably weigh more than my cousin who is 7 months pregnant and healthy as can be

* went and ate more delicious food to cope with the above thought

* spent some time with the cousin my age and listened as she spoke of the saga of her life

* reminded that God is in control and that some things i just can’t understand right now

this week is a crazy one but should be exciting. tomorrow some of my favorite girls and i are helping http://whartzler.wordpress.com build her portfolio as we attempt to take pictures. i’m sure they will all do fine but i am not known for making serious faces or for being able to smile in pictures. but i think i figured out the perfect outfit..muhahahahaha <<they will regret not telling me what to wear>> and then thursday i get to nanny my 3 favorite kids for 3.5 amazing days.

so. pictures soon. and just to excite you about this picture thing….

this is my “normal” picture taking face:

this is my other “normal” picture face <<please note poor stephanie putting up with me in both pictures>>

and this is the face they pray i will make

I Have Returned

2 thoughts on “I Have Returned

  1. Dear Jody… please wear normal clothes. Thank you. In fact you have scared me so terribly that I’m going to send you a text with what we are wearing. 🙂

  2. Oh and I was going to look at the video tonight. I’ve looked at it a couple times and almost just decided we should leave it as is because editing it might be more trouble than it’s worth right now…. because well…we were so weird. 🙂

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