Beautifully Different

the other day the girls and i went and took some pictures. the trip was 2-ply. one..stephanie wanted to get together to take some as a late birthday present and two..whitney wanted to take some to start building a portfolio for this sort of artistic capturing club. so off we went. we let steph drive which was weird. we talked about how people kinda assume roles in circles and her role is not typically the driver role. ha ha. and we let the directionally challenged one sit shotgun which proved to be of no help when the driver needed assistance.

so whitney put up with our goofiness and “creative ideas” and cheesiness and inability to make normal faces to take some shots. she is not quite done with them yet, but she has posted some on her site <<see above link>> and will have more to come. this one is one of my favorites so far

We all have such distinctive smiles that i think come close to our personality or at least qualities we each possess. so different, yet it makes a good picture!

Kayli <<long hair on the left>> her smile says it. kayli is relaxed and joyful. just simply kayli.

Rachael <<in the middle>> she is the only married one. can you tell by the softness in her face and her eyes that speak of engagement. ha ha ha. i love trying to sound artsy

Stephanie <<my beautiful song bird>> i think she looks peaceful in this picture which i love because i know it’s a feeling that she has worked to find and cling to the past few years. but she just looks happy and comfortable here. i like it.

so there is a taste at what we did. please though go to whitney’s site to see a less serious side of us. our accidental 1…2…3…pose shot that she first posted is hilarious!

Beautifully Different

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