Losing My Mind

I think i am losing my mind. i just looked at the calendar at realized that September 20th is like 4.5 weeks away. in my world that means 4.5 weeks until a 5k that i am determine to run without collapsing. now before you laugh at me….

1. i do not run

2. i have not run more than a mile (except for the two weeks of hell bonnie and i did last spring) since the glory days of softball in high school

3. my hardware hates running

so why why in the world am i doing this….

for Tina.

she was one of my closest softball buddies and one of the most well-rounded student athletes our high school ever saw. she went on to play college ball up north until she died in a car wreck on her way home to surprise her sister. it was tragic. it still obliterates people when certain times roll around. most of her friends and family have a shaky faith if one at all. so they started a scholarship fund and are hosting a 5k run/walk to raise money for it.

a 5k has always been on my “life accomplishments to-do” list since surgery number one knocked me. and well, tina would make fun of me if i went to run it and it desecrated me.

so i will run it and i will survive it.

now i just have to get past the fact that a half mile of running makes me want to papercut my eyeballs and puncture my lungs.

Losing My Mind

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