No Joking

Ok so a quick recap of my classes this year. i could sum it up with the phrase CONSTANT HOMEWORK but that might be considered pessimistic and well we all know i am NEVER pessimistic (or dramatic) 🙂

*managerial accounting: my teacher is a retired military lady with 8 grandkids and 1 great grandchild…she can’t be over 60 ps. and she is crazy my favorite quote so far is “if you call after 9 i won’t answer (and the very next thing) if you are drunk you can call me and i will drive you home i would rather have you in class and embarrassed than hurt”

and not sure i will learn but i should survive fairly easily in there!

*intro to public relations: we have a 2 page (and he means exactly two pages no more no less) paper in apa style using 2 outside sources with reference and cover page due every week. but should be a really resourceful class and my teacher is really awesome

*macroeconomics: macro and i have a bad taste for each other right off the bat. this teacher i’m pretty sure only has a job still because enough students on campus are drunks that they appreciate this guys’ drunken perverted human and give him super high scores on his evaluations.

*public speaking II: gonna be way harder than intro but i like that kind of thing and am hoping that i can walk out with an a

*organizational com: my saving grace, taylor swift is in my class and we created our new life plan which leads me to

I want to quit all the above classes and do the following with taylor mckinzie swift:

find some dummy to give us some start up money and build a beautiful outdoor chapel and reception area. we will plan and coordinate weddings and high profile events. then in the winter when it slows down we will go to romania and hold the baby gypsies and orphans who are not held and sing them to sleep.

no joke.

so if you find some start up cash laying around you can feel free to send it out way 🙂

No Joking

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