yesterday i went to a wedding of some people i grew up with. they are like 2 years older than i but i still have memories of them both. the groom actually “saved” my life once on a canoe trip in 6th or 7th grade…i have not been canoeing since then mind you.

it was a quaint wedding. simply, sweet. it made me think though (and the company of whitney didn’t help any) of what is the point of a wedding ceremony. don’t get me wrong i love the institution of marriage and family and if by some wonder i was to ever be in that position i would want a celebration of the love my spouse and i have for each other and a day for our love, bound only by God’s grace and surpassing love to be witnessed by family and friends. but seriously, other than that it’s a lot of money to sign a paper. i like the idea of the celebration but is that what it means anymore? or is it about the dress and flowers and incorporating everyone and their aunt jemima into the occasion somehow? so, if i get married it’s gonna be simple, it’s gonna be a celebration, it’s not going to focus on us, but rather our love for christ and his provision for our live and supply of love for each other. and there will be food merely because i love it. and dancing because that’s a celebratory act for me. ha.

so be warned. no extra positions created. its not about you. not about us. its about a bigger love. a love that sustains our weak human effort at a thing called marriage


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