Special Olympics Goes to Hooters (Part 1)

Yup. you read correctly. i am interning with the special olympics as most of you know and today my boss informs me we have another event for raffle tickets. well i smile politely and say ok when secretly i am hating the idea already because raffle tickets suck! then he tells me where it is…hooters…yup, that hooters. he is like, ya it worked in columbia so we are going to try it, you ever been there? i say uh no you. and he has no. so two hooters noobs are going to walk in on biker night and sell tickets! in COMO the hooters girls are doing the selling and they SO people just sit at a table and answer additional questions.

our guy says the girls get busy on bike night so we might have to some of the selling. ha! so he was like “well looks like you get to work on your sales pitch” making fun of me because when we worked the HS football game i got shy all of a sudden but once he went away i sold 5. ha ha ha. so hooters here i come! and i’m gonna sell these stupid tickets so i don’t have to sell anymore! so bikers bring your 5 dollars 🙂

i think it is a grand idea. i mean ya i would have never done it with unveiled but that a whole different thing. we couldn’t do it with unveiled b/c some would think we were telling girls they should wear spandex and be super friendly to be successful….but shoot with the SO money is money and we are raising some. bikers love SO just as much as bankers. and if carlos can take Jesus to the bars (go read about it if you’re clueless) then we can take the SO to Hooters..and who knows maybe someone will want a ride to church.

Special Olympics Goes to Hooters (Part 1)

4 thoughts on “Special Olympics Goes to Hooters (Part 1)

  1. Oh, mental images are popping into my head. 🙂 Our church of mostly college students went into bars in Lawrence back in the 70’s—we didn’t drink with them but we took Jesus there—not sure of the outcome but you always hope to plant seeds.

  2. Deb says:

    I’d suggest taking your brothers, yes, brothers, with you that night BUT I don’t want them there either. So maybe God will have you see a face that you are suppose to pray for…maybe you will sell all 2500 tickets before the Hooters event. Maybe I’ll buy a ticket and win a car…maybe I think you are fabulous – wait, I KNOW you are fabulous!

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