I love my church

I do. I love love going to church in springfield. it’s alive. it’s truth. it’s relevant. it’s exciting. it’s purposeful. it’s growth. it’s convenient. i mean we now have 4 service times on Sunday (they had two a year ago) and apparently have grown but a thousand people in a year. i really do like it there and have been wanting to get involved in helping with the youth ministry. so today was the last of a series “5 things that will change your life” or something like that and it was on being involved and having a servant’s heart.

the way it roles down here in the bible belt is that we have “special music” when the offering is taken. they sing all sorts of stuff, jesus songs, non jesus song (gasp I know) 🙂 and then today….it topped all days. it made you want to stay for the service after you just to experience it again.

the worship pastor came out which was new, usually one of the sidekicks does it. and then, he started singing what I though was from Phantom of the Opera. Yup, it was and only it was about volunteering and thirty seconds later 8 others worship members were on stage and they did a 10 mintues musical on volunteering. it was hilarious, amazing, and holy cow can these people sing. i mean you knew it all along and then they pulled out Rent (yes in a church) and stood in a line with the same lighting. and had you closed your eyes you would not have known the difference.

what happened at your church  today that made you glad you were there?

I love my church

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