Everything is an adventure

this weekend is the 5K i wanted to run in. I have run 2x in the last two months and so ya. I know it’s only 3.1 miles but that’s about 2.57 more than i can do.

so Sunday my awesome roommate and i went running and it really didn’t go too terribly bad for our first time. then yesterday we “didn’t have time” meaning we watched tv. and today she had a meeting so i had to go by myself.

this is how excited i was to go running

please don’t mind my super scary neck…

but then i ran into this dilemna of needing my card to get back in the building and my key to the room since Lisa would be gone. good thing they think i’m smart….

yup that’s my room key and access card hooked on my shoe laces. the card also served as a kind of light reflector. pretty sweet!

anyway. i am horrible at pacing myself. i think had i paced correctly i could have run a decent little length (meaning multiple city blocks at one time) but alas i stink at pacing. it’s like i get so excited to be allowed to run and literally today as i was running these were the thoughts in my head. i wish i made this up.

“I’m the queen of the world”

“Whoa, my legs make funny waves when i run”

“holy cow i’m like the fastest woman alive”

“holy cow, why am i running this fast i will never make it to the stop sign”

“no seriously body, STOP running this fast”

“ah, ipod where are all the slow songs”

“i’m going to die and not b/c i get jumped and killed but b/c i can’t keep running like this”

“how do i stop”

“o my gosh I’m done, so done”

“want to be done now”

and then i finally figured out how to walk

all that happened in like 47 seconds.


i need to find a good playlist that helps with that issue…or a running buddy.

this is the look my body was giving me for making it run. it is angry at me for letting it get so out of shape. sorry body!

Everything is an adventure

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