The blahs plague my body…bah! today i did not feel good at church then i felt fine. i wish my body would make up its mind.

Junior highers intrigue me. i like them. i like talking with them and working with them. they make me laugh and they make me worry. its tough to be a kid. and its so weird to have jr. highers call or text of facebook me and talk about things that i’m like WHOA WHOA WHOA how in the world does this stuff happen and for them to be kids i have known and held when they were babies. it blows my mind.

I walked the 5k this weekend. but it was ok. i mean i wish i had trained and ran it. but i realize how out of shape and behind my body is and will be patient and work with it until i am satisfied. and a friend came home with me and so we just walked. but we walked fast, really fast. finished 13th and 14th overall so i figured that was still some pretty fast walking going on. and sad day i tried to make a kick booty play list for the day and my ipod would not hook up to my itunes. BAH. but the music still played and i just skipped around finding songs and it worked just fine.

went home this weekend and momma cooked up a storm and i drank milk and dr. pepper, and grape soda and florida orange juice…yum yum. it’s weird dairy at school hurts my bell but not at home.

today i turned in my application to help with the youth group here. i’m excited.

this week i am filling out my application to apply for the job i want this summer. it’s like an 8 page application..yikes!

also this week i have 2 papers, a test, a quiz, and a speech

what’s on your plate this week?


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