What a lie

at least i hope it’s a lie…that college will be the best years of my life. because i would say college will be the biggest challeng of your life and back that statement. but seriously is spending my weekends and weeknights writing papers and researching the best time this life has to offer? i hope not. i don’t mind the special olympics things that suck up weekends. i didn’t even mind working this morning for ambassadors giving tours. but i can not stand behind the comment that this is the best time of my life.

i have experienced amazing things here. things i would have never had if i had not come to college. i have grown in ways i would not have had i never left home. i have made lifelong friends from different places. i have learned info. that i might use someday but you really only use about 20% of what you learn in college post undergrad. i have liked my time here. but one day, i won’t have multiple papers to write and research along with busy work, reading chapters and studying for tests. one day, i will have a life, and that my friends is when i will say…these are the best years of my life…when i actually have one

What a lie

3 thoughts on “What a lie

  1. I was in college during the Jesus Freak years so they WERE AMAZING years—and my thoughts about college years NEVER had anything to do with academic stuff.

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