today is gonna be a great day…you know why?


ha suckas! today my speech class was cancelled (don’t worry she gave us lots of busy work like we were still in highschool but today i don’t even mind) so i got to sleep in a bit and gradually wake up.

i even got up and took a shower and still have fifteen minutes to spare!

so now i’m getting ready to go to my lone class today….and get paid

granted “paid” is minimum wage and tops i will make ten dolla bucks but its still ten more than i had this morning when i woke up.

the downside is i have to give a tour…to my class of junior and senior level students. yikes. talk about intimidating. i’m just hoping my teach, “the snoot” goes with the other group because well, i have not received a new facts sheet for the year so i’m just going off what i found on the website and what i have always told people ha ha ha. so ya it will be the most awkward tour i have ever given but at least its not sitting in class listening to her degrade us or learning about more paper cut my eyeball classical theories….

….and i get 10 dollars….


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