Earth Princess

Apparently I am an earth princess. whatever that means.

that is what a girl called me today in the bathroom. i took it as a compliment and i do believe it was intended to be one because then she was like ya I just love your look today. but seriously what in the hay is an earth princess? o well a princess is a princess right? so here is my “earth princess” look in case you were wondering…..

um sorry for the tank top malfunction there

In other royal news halloween is coming up. for those of you who don’t know i don’t like halloween. it creeps me out. major time. like for whatever reason i can’t seperate the “evil” from the “fun”. i have no problem if you celebrate halloween with your children and let them trick or treat. i have still taken part of festivites, just never the scary movie part. and one day if i run a stateside home for gypsies i will let them dress up and get candy from non-strangers and eat caremel apples and rice crispy treats cut in the shape of a pumpkin. i love fall time. just get creeped out by scary things and halloween is a concentrated time for scary stuff.

so the last two years i have actually done things for halloween. my freshman year i went to my sisters house and am so embarassed by what i was. if you know me, it’s really funny. i was military police babie…..exhibit a

the embarrassing part is that i would dress up as something with the word barbie in it

then last year one of the campus ministries has a costume club and everyone dresses up and praises jesus then has a huge dance party…so i was a chicken

and so this year you might be wondering what could top those awesome costumes and being an earth princess…………………………………………………………………..this year i will be….

TRAVELING TO CHICAGO!!! yup i will land in chicago on Oct. 31st and be there until Nov. 2nd. i am going for an interview with center for student missions. i have applied to be a city host with csm and am so very excited. it looks like if i am offered the job i will most likely be in chicago or nashville. so although i am terrified of halloween and public transportation all by myself in the same day….i am excited about the doors God has opened and what he is doing in my life. i will share more with you on this super sweet deal closer to time. but please start praying now.

Earth Princess

2 thoughts on “Earth Princess

  1. Dana says:

    I saw an earth princess yesterday at Wal-Mart. She was wearing a flowy loose shirt, short shorts, scrunch boots that kinda looked like macassins, and a leather headband that she wore like a soccer player across her forehead. Now that was an earth princess!!!

  2. I keep thinking about this earth princess stuff and keep coming back to see your pretty face. My ONLY thought every time–flash back to the 70’s.

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