Pride vs. Humility

the last two days pride and humility have battled.

Case 1: Macro

I have “taken” macroeconomics one; at least I attempted to take it. I dropped it the very last day possible. So now I am in it again. First, I thought I was a dumb honor’s student (i “took” it honors the first time). After I got my last test back I know think I’m just a dumb economy student. I just do not get it at all. I do not understand why I need to know it or what it’s about. I have tried. I studied for HOURS, literally hours for this test and did horrible horrible horrible on it. And now I have decided that economists are the people who were not smart enough to be philosophers. So needless to say, the two freshmen I sit with outscored me by a letter or so 🙂

Win: Humility. Loss: Pride

Case 2: Sweet Jesus Tunes

That is the name of the mix I made before driving home. My roommate is driving to Chicago tomorrow morning so I made her a bunch of CD’s then decided that I wanted this one too becuase my IPOD adapter is brokey broke. So I made this sweet CD that I did not even know how sweet it was until I started listening to it!

Win: Pride Loss: Humility

Case 3: Sweet Jesus Tunes

Holy Cow, it was a crazy ride home with these songs. Each song kept building and building upon each other and Jesus was just singing to me through them and loving on me and putting me in time out and shoot dog! It was so good, and so so humbling.

Win: Humility Loss: Pride

Case 4: Shopping

enough said.

Win: Humility Loss: Pride

3 points Humility

1 point Pride

Pride vs. Humility

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