Wild Hog Hunting

While at home for a couple of nights this past week, my mother and I ventured to Walmart to pick up some things. Seeminly innocent and normal. Well, we should have known we were in for a treat when we pulled in and I said, “It’s snowing.” She claims it was ash or rain but I still think it was a flake and it’s buddy (so I doned my puffy vest when we got home).

Anyway, we were kinda in a time crunch, and I needed my oil changed so we decided to let Walmart do it instead of the other guys. First the poor kid helping us was not so helpful and I was accidentally really sarcastic and then I felt bad so I tried to be nice the rest of the time. And he was new so he was slow…slow enough that we had time to observe these scraggly but cute dogs tied to a trailer outside. Their owner came in and on his way out, I must have accidentally made eye contact…..

Farmer in Overalls: “You know what dem dogs are used fer?”

Me: “Uh, no sir? Are they hunting dogs?”

FIO: “I hunt wild hogs with em.”

Mom: “O neat, do you have people who hire you to come hunt on their land. I hear wild hogs can be quite the problem” (she grew up in the OK country)

FIO: “O no hunny, I do most my huntin in Arkansas on Wildlife Ground. Der are 7 or 8 more in the trailer”

Me: “It would be easier to catch a wild hog with that many. I bet they are fast” (obviously I’m clueless about wild hog hunting)

FIO: “It’s easiest with twenty or so; (invading my personal bubble) You see that one on the end. You see his old ear right torn off. Dem hogs are tough on em.”

Then he pulled out his phone to show me a picture. I don’t know what is was of, a hog? a dog getting his ear ripped off? not sure but he was really proud of it so I was really excited and impressed for the nice eccentric old man. Then he goes well good day and was off.

I think my CSM interview should contain a Walmart meet and greet section. 🙂

Wild Hog Hunting

One thought on “Wild Hog Hunting

  1. whartzler says:

    Lol…gotta love the trips to Wal-Mart at home. I haven’t been in awhile but it’s something I’m looking forward to over Thanksgiving. Sad isn’t it? Oh and I can’t wait to hear about your interview!! That’s so exciting!

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