Quick Breath and Keep Going

whoa. first I can not spell. I spelling going gowing at first. weird.

anyway, I got off of my internship early today so I came home and laid in my bed doing NOTHING. it was fabulous. I refuse to do any work until after dinner. then I will attempt a take home quiz, perhaps some paper writing, a bit of reading, and if i am real ambitious working out. however, a more realistic adventure would be to put new music on my little baby ipod.

so steph asked what was on the amazing Jesus tune CD and I have decided to post it below. I think there is a song on there for everyone and some of them just build on each other in terrific cadence with what Jesus has to say to His people and our response to Him. there are a couple songs that i wish i could x nay but they are there and when i forget to skip them, they too even have a little shiny in them sometimes.

so enjoy. i must go relish in my laziness for a few more minutes and then get back to reality…op there goes gravity…ahahahahahaha

Sweet Jesus Tunes CD

1. east to west – casting crowns

2. i stand amazed – chris tomlin

3. everything glorious – david crowder band

4. what the world will never take – hillsong united

5. love enough – hillsong united

6. life your eyes – leeland

7. simple devotion – misty edwards

8. after your heart – phil wickham

9. peace be still – rush of fools

10. leap of faith – sanctus real

11. yearn – shane and shane

12. wash me clean – shawn mcdonald

13. times – tenth avenue north

14. the one thing i know – sara groves

15. i can feel it – third day

16. track 8 – don’t know that’s why i still call it track 8 🙂

Quick Breath and Keep Going

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