We Are In Arkansas

I had a great plan for a post but I’m so distracted by the Duggers. You know that family from 17 kids and counting. And I’m laughing my head off! Bah hahahahahahahahahh laughing.

“It’s important to have chaperones in the car with us because we want our wedding to be special”

I don’t mind courtship but they are cracking me up. Like he won’t let go of her hand…ever! And when he proposed, a side hug. Yup, a side hug. O I love how diverse the dating culture is.

Right now they are drawing on who has to chaperone the engaged couple at dinner! Ginger won/lost.

“Being on your own, bad things can happen. A chaperone helps you be accountable to your parents.”

“What do you think about driving a convertible tonight. It even has a back seat for our chaperone to go along.”

I feel terrible for laughing, but…

“Ginger was chosen as our chaperon but had to be pulled off because the movie we chose was 18 and over. It was a previewed screening of a good movie. So we ask Jana and John David (brother and sister) It was like a double date, I mean we are in Arkansas.”

We Are In Arkansas

3 thoughts on “We Are In Arkansas

  1. my sister and I watched that episode a couple weeks ago and we could NOT stand the hand holding! Seriously.. she couldn’t even open her menu because she only had one hand accessible.

  2. Dana says:

    They live close by to where I was this last summer. The hospital I worked at has delivered her last like four kids for free! They are crazy…maybe in a good way…maybe in a weirdie way…

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