Some days…

you just want to papercut your eyeballs.

Today would be that day for me.

BUT…only 2 more hours and I can justify going to bed and giving it another try tomorrow. Or Jesus will come back which would be even better.

I have realized that I do not know why I go to class. It’s a silly waste most of the time. I don’t know that I want to do anything when I grow up. I mean I do, but not the stuff I go to class for. I am wasting good time pretending to learn here in this silly place.

And why do places get interns? I’m not sure but  I do know that they do not get interns to give projects to or to try new things. Stick with the old, even if it’s stupid. And so I just grin and color my poster while gritting my teeth thinking “man papercutting my eyeball with this posterboard would be way worse than paper” It’s not even that I think they are completely wrong. I just think it’s silly. Pure silliness. And stupid.

And it’s cold. Which daily reminds me that I am incomplete and broken on my own. Which is a good lesson to learn. But I want a warm day.

In other factoids of life my keys will not get locked in my car if still in the ignition (at least i turned my car off stephanie). However I was trying to lock my door and it kept unlocking and it was ticking me off after 5 times. I kept hitting lock but it wouldn’t do it. So i went to use my remote lock….to realize my remote was on my keys still in the ignition….o dear.

May the next 2 hours fly by (er and may i study lots in that time)

Some days…

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