Growing Up

Short post before I head out on a grown up adventure.

First a picture…or two



In case you can’t tell, it says


Overall, a great paper here. You do a nice job of integrating language, artifacts, and behaviors together to create a unified paper.” 100/100

And yes I am proud of that. She is hard, I worked hard. Whew. Only one more paper to write for her.

And now I must power old computercrap (that’s his name) down to pack him away for the weekend. We are headed to Joplin for Special Olypmics State Indoor Tournament. I’m a little nervous. I have only been to Joplin on my own one time and I still was not all by myself. And my immediate boss won’t be there. So, I’m a little nervous about the whole weekend, but it’s part of growing up and I’m ready and willing to try. I have to stay in a hotel too all weekend. And then Sunday when I get back I go help with the junior highers. Then I come home to my little bed and crash. Wake up for two days of class then to the Villa for Thanksgiving.

Will return with stories.

Jo Jo “The H’ville Horror” Glazed Donut as my name tag will read this weekend if my boss had a say. Thankfully he doesn’t.

Growing Up

One thought on “Growing Up

  1. Deb says:

    When you come home, I have two tasks for you in your room and then you are sleeping and eating healthy and sleeping and eating healthy and sleeping some more!!!

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