While at home I got to spend a whole day with “my babies”. We ran errands. We went shopping for their Christmas concert outfits. We ate lunch. We went to a movie. We got in the hot tub. It was absolutely delightful. The only sad part was that my babies are old now. SO OLD. But they are my babies. Granted they are 13 and 11 in reality but I will always remember Abbey biting me and making me cry, and how she went through a phase (for a whole year) when she would only wear swim suits. And Kailey, sweet Kailey running and screaming anytime she heard a dog bark and practicing her tap dance in the kitchen. Now they are old and have solos in the Christmas program and shop in the same sections and style I do. (maybe I should graduate to women clothes but i don’t wanna)




And then….I got to babysit these crazy kids


I don’t know if you can see the two under water. Obviously they were estactic about taking pictures 🙂

And my friend Emily came to the movies with us with Isaac and Daria


Ya for babies…even when they are all grown up.


2 thoughts on “Babies

  1. Jody!!!! I miss you!! I like the pictures! Would that be Jake in the second to last picture be silly? Goodness, I miss that little goober too.

    I hope you’re well! See you over Christmas?

  2. my time at home was great! (& COLD!!! it snowed twice in st. louis while i was there!) it was a little hard to come back to florida, but ill be going home again in a few weeks for Christmas. 🙂
    looks like your time at home was good too!

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