I should be studying…

But instead,

I’m on here. i read up on all ya’lls blogs. i contemplate which post that is floating around in my brain should be posted. i couldn’t decide so instead you get little random tidbits, which i know Chepanef will still enjoy at least.

  • I love Dr. Pepper, preferably Dr. Pepper from Sonic. it’s become a terrible problem to my loose change piggy bank and my “diet”
  • I make excuses. My favorite one is “I don’t work out because it hurts my back, but my back hurts more because I don’t work out”
  • I’m terrible at Macroeconomics. like i mean terrible. it’s almost humorous how bad I am at it. my gpa does not think it’s funny, but it kinda is.
  • I am excited to move off campus, I think it will improve my showering habits (ha ha ha), my diet, and about a million other things. so excited to possibly live with my two best friends down here!
  • I skipped my first classes for a true skip this week. I was not going to learn anything and didn’t feel good, so I slept 🙂 it was marvelous
  • Today (and tomorrow) my boss and I are burning the edges of paper at work in a spurt of craftiness for an upcoming event.
  • My poor roommate and i have been trying to decorate our baby christmas tree all week. i think we may do it now….yes we…bye, I’m busy gotta listen to christmas tunes and decorate a tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I should be studying…

One thought on “I should be studying…

  1. Well, my grandpa probably wouldn’t think it’s funny that I’m so bad at Calculus either. So I probably just won’t tell him. Silly grandpas.

    (I should be studying too)

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