We are not talking about my day

Today is a day that is almost over, Praise Jesus. So instead of talking about my day. Let’s examine something….Below is the very short list (i’m not a blog star yet ha ha) of search engine phrases that have sent people to my blog.

I love how the “not so good” phrases are lumped right in there with Jesus talk ๐Ÿ™‚

And apparently 4 people are looking for me? hmmm, I will admit one of those hits was me, you know just trying to get some air time here. No, actually my friends and I were talking and wondering what pulled up, the first thing up on mine is still this really hideous picture. ha ha ha.

jody glazner 4 More stats
edible medals 4 More stats
times go hungry attempt to steal there i 2 More stats
everlasting, your love goes beyond…you 2 More stats
how to pick up a prostitute in boys town 1 More stats
http://www.seekingrecklessabandon.com 1 More stats
reckless use of the word sweet 1 More stats
halloween butts 1 More stats
dry spell sex 1 More stats
lift your hand let your eyes let your fe 1 More stats
hillsong 1 More stats
“shake shake shake shake it shake it” – 1 More stats
where will you go child where will you r 1 More stats
times-tenth avenue north lyrics 1 More stats
“reckless abandon” god 1 More stats
in the dead of night whenever you call m 1 More stats
male thongs 1 More stats
We are not talking about my day

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