Christmas Time Is Here

It’s hard to have Christmas in the dorms. There are only so many plug ins and so much space to be had. Now, my adorable roommate loves to decorate. She has seasonal decorations and goes to craft fairs, it’s cute. Here side of the room has color and treats and decor. My side is bare. Literally. I have nothing on my walls, I keep forgetting to bring my pictures down. And so my side is super boring 🙂 but I like it.

Since she loves decorations and Christmas we even have a little tree and are going to hang some lights up (for the whole 2 weeks we have left here). 🙂 Here is us decorating our tree. We only made it through 2 Christmas songs before we were done. ha ha


She even has a box full of ornaments



Look Pam, it’s a Polar Bear!


Ta Da!!!!!

Christmas Time Is Here

2 thoughts on “Christmas Time Is Here

  1. I wasn’t going to put anything up this year since I would only be at school for a week and a half after Thanksgiving. But I ended up putting up a little tree and a starbucks garland thing on my window… and it’s made me very happy. 🙂

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