Finals Week…

O finals week you are near

And of your importance my grades doth hear

Macroeconomics gives me some fear

For if I didn’t know it the first time….o dear.

When that test is over I will sure cheer

For then only one more test stands to leer

O test on crisis and learning to steer

So the company does not crash and communication is sheer

I have written the papers, but still have to peer

To clean up the mistakes so it’s right to my mind’s ear

Then the sememster is done and the next month clear.

🙂 bahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha….it’s ok to laugh. when faced with finals week, it’s a must. In actuality my two tough days are Monday and Wednesday. Monday I turn in three finals. Wednesday I take two cumulative finals and on Thursday I take one final over crisis circles and communication.


Then home to my mini me



and my slumber party pals!


Finals Week…

5 thoughts on “Finals Week…

    1. seekingrecklessabandon says:

      Yes she is…and she loves to point that out. If she does not have on shoes she barely has me but she is wearing heels in that picture 🙂

  1. I love that pic of you and Gracie – she is a “mini-you!” Sorry we’ve missed you over break! The boys are spending 3 days with Chris’ dad – prayers are welcome! Not kidding! Anyway, we miss you!

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