Texas Style


Big Hair


I love all of the above three things and I’m really good at them (not to be too prideful) but my ya’ll sounds real genuine. And it’s a “blessing” how stinking BIG my hair can get! And ooooooo Baby I love me some ribs!

Which is why friends, I think maybe post school I will move to Texas!



it calmed down a little 🙂

So tell me…if you could move anywhere in the United State, where and why

Texas Style

4 thoughts on “Texas Style

  1. oh my gosh! That first picture is AMAZING. 🙂 Please wear it like that everyday. I’m not being sarcastic.

    If I could move anywhere it would probably be to either the Northwest (aka Seattle area) or many different places on the East coast. I have very little interest to go NORTH.

  2. I so wish big hair came back in style!
    I, like Stephanie and Pam, would move to Seattle. I’d sell my car, work at the school in the market, and eat fish all day. Ihaven’t thought about it too much, though.

  3. Dana says:

    I would move to Chicago…but only if I had a personal driver that would let me out at the door of wherever I was going so I wouldn’t have to walk in the snow!

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