Hat Date

Yesterday Stephanie and I went on a date with our hats. We had a grand ole time! We were travelling along and the traffic around us started to act strange. I’m not sure what was happening but it was weird and we felt left out of something really big. Then we made it to the bookstore (ya we are really scandalous girls) and our moms call to say it’s freezing rain back home. Not to fear, Hazel is a grand little car and did great. We had a most delicious lunch where the waiter like our hats. As Steph said, what’s not to like. Balls and Bottle openers. He was super generous on our yummy dipping sauce! 🙂

Then we headed homeward to beat off a storm that was over by the time we arrived back in town. But it was fun. We never took our hats off. Stephanie asked if we should while we ate and I quickly said no because well, my hat destroyed my hair, and I had not taken a shower. So it was a double no! 🙂


possibly my worst what face ever and steph’s best ever!

Hat Date

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