New Smew

I can not remember what year it is. Twice now I have had to ask mom if it’s 2009 (i think it’s 2010). Bah.

I feel since it’s a new year I should type some inspirational post, but I’m not really inspirational or inspired.

I feel I should do a 2008 in review. But the past is the past good and bad.

I feel I should do a picture review. But you all have seen my pictures.

I feel I should make resolutions. But I can’t resolve to do anything without Jesus and he didn’t send me a list yet. And considering what I ate yesterday, I think I already broke the one I was thinking of.

I feel I should find something profound to say, but Danielle has not updated anything for me to steal.

I feel I should have a new header. But I’m really not good at that stuff and would just get frustrated.

I think some of you might think I’m a pouty patty, but truly I’m not. 🙂

So those are all things you won’t see in my first post of 2009. I’m not really sure what this year will be but I think it’s a year of dreams. A year to let some go. A year to see some come true. A year to explore what God implants in my heart. A year to be fearless and reckless of living out a dream. I’m more of an idea girl than a dream girl. But I think that just might change. I make no promises though.

So, as I have sat around and eaten a pan of rice crispy treats and enjoyed homemade strawberry limeades, I thought up some potential blog posts.

In 2009 you may see:

*To release or relish: What to do with dreams

*Babysitters club: Jody Training

*If you chew like that we can’t be friends

*Boots with the fur; Hats with balls

*Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego


*When I grow up

Happy New Year Friends. I hope the things you enjoyed in 2008 will be good memories and continued in 2009. I pray the pain you felt in 2008 will not disappear but will be used in a way you may not understand to bring peace and growth. I pray we are all brave enough to start the year realizing how dirty we all are without God’s grace and willingly grab hold of it and live it.

Good day.

New Smew

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