Think Hawaii, Beach, BBQ, Fire

These were all words the siblings and I had to focus on while taking pictures for my momma’s Christmas present. Bonnie took all the pictures. She has yet to join blogging but I give it a couple more months before she joins 🙂

We of course picked a freezing cold windy day to take pictures and were all frozen to the bones by the time it was done.




We knew mom would cry at the gift and she did start to tear up looking through the album and then she really started to tear when she got to the next picture (a series in the album). My Granddad used to swing us kids on the swing. And we used to always eat at Murphy’s steakhouse everytime we went to visit. He and the waitresses would flip a coin for double or nothing on his tip. They loved him there. So did we! So we took pictures in our Murphy’s shirt on the swings as a surprise to Mom. She had no idea.



Ross loved holding hands.

Think Hawaii, Beach, BBQ, Fire

3 thoughts on “Think Hawaii, Beach, BBQ, Fire

  1. Dana says:

    So the other day, I did not like Brian one iota…Ross made me hold his hand and then Brian hold his other hand to feel the cool, calm chi that runs through his body. He passed his chi on to us so we would like each other several iotas again! And he claims he doesn’t like holding hands! Ha! 🙂

  2. whartzler says:

    Ah…you guys are cute! ryc: I always have to crop my photos to fit in the header. I create the photo with the text in the part of the picture that I want shown. That’s about the extent of the expertise I have with the headers. 🙂

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