Pin point

I’m trying to type this with the dog in my lap. He has decided to like me all of sudden and is taking up most of my lap which makes for an interesting time typing.

Today is a busy day but I’m quite excited. One because I like all the people I get to see today. Two because I get to hold and play with a baby and his big brother today. Three because it will keep my mind off this tiny little pin point hole in my leg.

I have never understood why the smallest cuts or pokes or bruises hurt the most, but o boy do they. Maybe it’s because they tend to find themselves in the most hit places on your body and you just can’t avoid causing them further ouchiness. Bah. I have had to laugh at myself for how pitiful I am over this tiny hole in my leg. It’s so small it should not hurt, but when my calf flexes it hurts and i hit it everytime I sit down. I even iced it. Bah. So apparently in this new year I have become a weiny. Just a weiny sitting here with my weiny dog. 🙂


Pin point

4 thoughts on “Pin point

  1. Deb says:

    After the next dermatologist appt. we won’t plan on ANYthing else – no shopping, no walking – in case you have another divet taken from your body. Sorry I drug you around all day. You were NOT a weiny – you were a trooper – until we got home and you were exhausted…..sorry, again! And Kirby was sitting with you because he knew you needed him!!

  2. okay, we all know how my brain is in a constant state of burping—BUT what does your comment on my site mean?

    Her husband is the department head of the entertainment management department at school. My roommate says he is so nice and also talks his wife up and that she is really neat too!

    Whose husband?

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