I can’t resist

Meet Abbey and Maddie


They were thrilled to be interrupted from their whispered laughter to take this picture. But they love me and I was driving them so they obliged. These two are best friends. They live 6 agonizing hours apart but you would never know it. When they are together it’s like no time has past. It’s truly incredible.

They are both so unique and yet clearly best friends for a reason.

Now for a little backstory.

Maddie is the daughter of my former youth pastor and his wife. Abbey is one of the girls that I babysat since she was 6 months old (which was 10.5 years ago). Now, the youth pastors wife is hooked on Gilmore Girls, particularly the ball episode. So balls are quite the joke in the cornfield where they reside and thus back home too.

This is the conversation that I heard in our county courthouse while waiting for Abbey’s dad to get sworn in. (o what 12 year olds do and don’t know)

Maddie: (straight face) o my balls dropped!

Abbey: (laughing) Again!?

Me: What the world are you talking about?

Maddie: My balls, they just keep dropping farther

Both of them laughing: Duh, her boots!

Me: (laughing and making sure no one official heard) Of course you would say that. Come here and let me tie up your balls…wait that was no better. Just come here

Then I proceeded to tie her BOOTS that had balls on ties nice and tight and high where they stayed the rest of our adventure day.

I can’t resist

4 thoughts on “I can’t resist

  1. Dianna says:

    At first, I started to get teary eyed reading this post…thinking about Maddie & Abbey who love each other so much but live so far apart. But by the end of the post I was laughing my butt off. Heh heh, you said balls. “You are four!”

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