Dragging my Feet

I am dragging my feet about being back at school.

It’s really not that bad. I just feel extra whiny and there is no one to whine to.

I’m finicky about having alone time. And right now, I would like less. But I don’t feel good so I don’t want to do anything, just don’t want to spend all day by myself.

And tomorrow, when I only have 3 hours in my day that are not occupied, I will long for alone time. See, finicky.

I only have 3 days of class this semester and work the other two days. I have never had a real job like this before. With real payroll and a real schedule. I’m a little nervous.

I went on a youth leader retreat and it was nice. I met a lot of people, made some friends. Hung out with Jr. Highers this morning which was fun; it made me miss some of my jr. highers from home though.

I think part of my antisocial behavior and staying in my roomness can partly be blamed on campus parking. It’s cold so I don’t want to lose my spot and then be stuck in the garage forever away. Bah. If only I knew I would have a spot, I would probably go hang out with friends more. 🙂

I have become more independent on doing things by myself. Like going to church, or running errands, and trying things even when I don’t know anyone, but I still hate going to the caf on my own. I avoid it at all costs! 🙂

Ok well my backpack is packed and I think I may just watch a little movie and get some rest before my extremely long, 12 hour day tomorrow.

Dragging my Feet

One thought on “Dragging my Feet

  1. tylerjewell says:

    First, I want to say that I don’t start till wednesday..HA..HA!

    I will probably write a blog similar to this tomorrow.

    I’m praying you get to intern in nashville so you can go to crossspooinnnnt!!!

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