So…my roommate studied abroad in Australia last year. Yesterday she told me about this sweet contest to go live there for 6 months and BLOG about it!!! Sweet huh.

They set you up on all these trips and such to go on then blog and tell the world why they should come to Australia. It’s a HUGE PR stunt and well THAT’S MY MAJOR! I get it. I understand the objectives. I know what we are trying to produce. Whoo whowowowowowowowowo

So today I went to and looked at the most popular video submits so far. Honestly they are all the stinking same and boring. And no one mentions that they are capable of writing which is odd to me since it’s a writing job ultimately. And…well I won’t put the rest here yet because I’m using my critiques of their videos to make mine. I will post it and my roommates when we are done 🙂 it should be entertaining at least. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Australia?

  1. Shirley W.ard says:

    You go for it girl. I have always wanted to go over there. It would be the adventure of a life time. What better way to spread God’s Word!!

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