In Case You Were Wondering…

Today I…..

Stayed in bed for a long time afte I was awake

Played on my computer in bed

Watched a marathon of Miss America Race to the Crown or something like that

Took a shower (i know i know)

Got ready

Cleaned all the stuff out of my chair and off my bed

Put clean sheets on my bed

Hung out with Elisa

Went to Jess’ One Act (her’s was the only one with a decent story line and her and Nathan McVay rocked it)

Went to Walmart to get supplies

Ransacked Gena’s room for her 21st B-day…not our fault she went out of town

Didn’t do any homework

Didn’t put away my laundry fro 2 days ago

Didn’t clean my desk

Whew. 🙂 I like to pretend that I did a whole lot! 🙂 When in reality I just wasted enough time this morning doing nothing that the few hours I had left in my day went really fast!

Now off to bed for an early Sunday morning. Everyone please remember to text and twitter Stephanie tomorrow so she will be brave to try a new church and not be alone. Good day.

In Case You Were Wondering…

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