Today I do not have class…which I usually don’t have class today but NO ONE has class on our campus. Which also means that  I don’t work which makes me sad because I actually really enjoy work.


This is out my window (don’t mind the screen it’s so we don’t jump out).  That there faithful readers is a nice thick layer of ice and sleet. With what looks like snow but it’s really ice on top. Now the people in this town drive terribly when the weather is perfect, add precipation and it gets back, add ice and it’s a complete danger zone. It doesn’t help that the roads do not get cleared or salted properly here. So…I’m staying inside. 🙂

My roommate’s boyfriend says the roads are terrible. We might venture across the road to get some Potter’s House then back inside for movies and maybe pizza.

You should know that I have a new favorite thing…milk

I like organic milk. It stays fresh longer, taste colder and smoother. Yum Yum.

Ok. Well you should also know….

1.) I need a haircut

2.) I am bad at internet shopping

3.) My books cost me way too much money this sememster

4.) I love having my window open even when it’s sleeting

5.) I love new socks

that is all. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Organic milk, eh? They say if you are going to buy organic anything that it should be dairy products. 🙂 I’ve never tried it though.

    1. Haircut as in just a trim?
    2. I used to be terrible at online shopping. My skills are improving though. However, just moment ago I typed skils instead of skills. yikes.
    3. ick
    4. freak
    5. This is a good thing.

    This long comment is the result of boredom and weariness. 🙂

  2. first, you are such a blessing! i am so enjoying getting to know you & watching ridiculous tv with you from hundreds of miles away. thank you for your sweet comment! i am thankful for you!

    second, I AM SO JEALOUS THAT YOU ARE ACROSS THE STREET FROM POTTERS HOUSE!!! that was my FAVORITE place to be when i was in college at SBU.

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