Far From Profound

I have no profound thoughts. Not that I ever did. But at least I could borrow other thoughts and appear to have useful things to type on here. But then again I don’t think my blog is really one where people come seeking wisdom and profoundness to drip off the paragraphs like spilt soda dripping off a counter. Anyway, today profound thoughts are far from me. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really had school this one. I only went on Monday and my last class was cancelled.

Sometimes life just feels like it’s missing something (kinda like spice is missing from my blog). I feel ungrateful when I get this way. I know my life is great and I’m blessed and when I feel like it’s missing something I feel like a big snobby faced girl.

For instance, today I treated myself to an early birthday present with leftover scholarship money and got my hair down. The lady wanted to try something different and I agreed. Different is hard to adjust to sometimes. I think I will like it, eventually.

My birthday is on Monday and honestly I don’t mean to sound ungrateful but I don’t really care about my birthday. I really never have been one. Now I like to make sure everyone else celebrates but it’s not my thing. My mom and dad are coming and we are going out to dinner and I think my friend G-nasty and I are grabbing some sushi for lunch. But I have these two guy friends who keeps trying to throw me a house party and I ran out of nice ways to say no and kinda got attitudinal with them “I said I didn’t want a house party and if I wanted one why would I let you throw it” Bah…thats why they play that one song when I call. Whoops. I love them but no. Not doing it.

I love mix CD’s or playlists. They make me happy.

Also, I have a lot of guys who are friends and they provide for some great conversations. And being a girl they like to “run things by me” b/c I can keep their secret and apparently am quite the planner. Who knew.

Here are some tidbits:

*Friend Planing Honeymoon: So I’m not telling her where we are going. It’s my little surprise

Me: Uh, isn’t she quite the planner. How are you going to get her to do that?

Him: O she wants to know. But I’m just telling her what climate to pack for.

Me: Sweet. Good job friend.

Him: Can I run it by you.

Me: uh sure I don’t know her really well but ya

Him: good I can’t ask her friends they will tell her

Me: ya no prob

Him: ok well after the wedding it will be late and I don’t want her to get too tired before uh……play time..so I think we will just stay outside town

Me: did you seriously just refer to it as play time

Him: ha ha yes..sorry this is gonna be an awkward convo

Me: super

Him: and then we have that night to uh well never mind you’re not dumb and I’m really excited. Then we travel to FL and have a lazy day to have sex and go the beach and then we board a cruise where she might get sea sick so we will just have to find things to occupy our tiem in the cabin 😉 but it has lots of cool stuff and shopping and makes four stops and I figure plenty of sex. Then we have another lazy day in FL for more sex. Then we fly home the next evening for dinner and sex in our house.

Me: wow you thought of everything. better get dinner on the way home don’t want to waste anytime busting down those doors.

Him: good idea, I’ll write that down.

Friend getting ready to propose: Well I don’t really want to spend money on proposing I mean I already bought the ring

Me: You don’t have to buy anything. Just do something sentimental or something I don’t know. I just know she puts up with your being cheap and it will mean a lot if you put some thought and creativity into this.

Him: Like i need ideas.

Me: Give him 3 different ideas w/ the help of Jessica

Him: uh…well we don’t have school tomorrow maybe I will just pull it out of the snow.

Me: ha. well that’s a thought

Him: I’ll sleep on it.

Me: good luck


Uh ya…my hair is darker and way blonder all at the same time

She says I will love it curly and it will calm down. and if not she will fix it


it’s like a melted peanut butter cup

Far From Profound

8 thoughts on “Far From Profound

  1. Dana says:

    It does look like a peanut butter cup…but you like peanut butter cups and so do I. Your birthday coming up is special b/c you are special!

  2. tylerjewell says:

    I love peanut butter cups…therefore I love your hair.

    I’m going to clear my head this weekend before I write my next blog. It is going to be a meaningful one.

  3. Makes me laugh that you compared your hair to a peanut butter cup. 🙂 You should probably post a picture of it when it’s curly too. 🙂 Just so you know.

    Silly girl. what is not to love about birthdays? I love mine and every one elses. 🙂

  4. Deb says:

    It’s hair. Have fun with it. If you don’t like it, speak up and have her re-do it. Allow this to be a ‘wild side’ to yourself:). Cut loose and enjoy your birthday. I think it is a very special day because God gave you to us that day!!!

  5. Lex says:

    Happy Birthday!! from me too. I laughed out loud at you comparing your hair to a peanut butter cup. You should Facebook me your mailing address … no reason … 😉

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