21 Things I would rather be doing than reading my textbook and making notecards…

1.) Watching a mindless movie
2.) Twittering with Steph and Brandi over girly shows
3.) Drinking a sonic drink
4.) Sleeping
5.) Poking my eyes out
6.) Working out..yes desperately don’t want to study
7.) Driving and listening to music
8.) Eating
9.) Making a cheater cheesecake
10.) Playing Scrabble, scatagories, balderdash, or catchphrase
11.) Hanging out w/ Jessica
12.) Playing Snowboarding for Kids II
13.) Babysitting
14.) Play 4-square
15.) Catch up with old friends
16.) Look at pictures on facebook
17.) Stare out my window
18.) Read a book for fun
19.) Schedule ambassador interviews
20.) Floss my teeth
21.) Anything.


BORED w/ school.


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