First time for everything

I have never really liked the phrase “there is a first time for everything” because I have to be in the right mood to do new things.


This weekend some of my college friends and I had a girls day to celebrate our 21st birthday. Now that’s a big first in itself. Being an “adult” have the option to do before illegal things. (Don’t worry mommy I’m not crazy or ah i’m 21 let’s drink kinda girl) So we go to eat at PF Changs which was new for me but very yummy in my tum tum. And then….


there was a first time for everything.

There was a women’s basketball team from out of state and well………they had a staring problem. A BIG ONE. At first I didn’t really notice until it was getting obvious that they were still looking at our table. And of course for the next 10 times they looked I was like why are they looking at our table….until I realized they were looking at me. Maybe I reminded them of someone? Which was fine but I was eating and it was awkward. THEN, came the camera phone. They were not even discreet about it and Jessica and I looked at each other and she was like, “uh I glared at them while they took the picture if that makes you feel better” Where were my guy friends then? Or any male? So yes, I think I was getting checked out by the girls basektball team.

Then we went ice skating where I met my ice prince….Darrion


This is not a very good picture maybe someone else has a better one. But that’s my little ice prince. His name was Darrion; he was about 3 and wanted “skate with the pretty ladies” so Stevie and I helped him. He liked spinning and skating holding both our hands. His other favorite was when we were skating and his feet would slide apart we would tell him to “put your feet closer” so he would jump up in the air so when he landed his feet were together again.

We had lots of fun but I’m still exhausted!



I have really attractive friends…now wonder they were staring!!! Another really attractive, Jesus-loving, open, fun, single, available friend I have is Brandi.  🙂 I mean…I’m just saying….

First time for everything

7 thoughts on “First time for everything

  1. YOU DID NOT!!!! i was reading along going “aww. they had so much fun” and “ah! i have to find out where she got that scarf” and then BAM.

    ok ok ok. we’re even!!! (or are we…??? mwahaha 😉

  2. seekingrecklessabandon says:

    Mom…No 🙂 Utah

    Brandi…We did have fun. Cato’s for 6 dollars. and we “might” be even 🙂 we’ll see. muhahahahah

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