Now tell me…

What would you say if…


1.) both love taking pictures of food for their twitter updates

2.) have a passion for Jesus

3.) really really enjoy music

4.) have already experienced the first move away from family and “comfortable”

5.) have great sense of humor

6.) stay in and watch TV on the same nights!

7.) are single

8.) are kinda relaxed about the whole dating/marriage thing (meaning they are freaking out that they are single)

9.) are really awesome, genuine people

10.) go grocery shopping at the SAME TIME even though they live in different states

11.) both use wordpress for the blogging homes

12.)are both able to go out and have a fun time

13.) were great friends of mine

14.) had a chance to fall in like because of a blog

Well I would say HOT DOG HUSTON!


You see….my friend Tyler is a great guy. Loves jesus, music, cooking, cows, boots, and hanging out with cool people.


Clearly he likes water and fish…which happen to also live in the ocean.

Now…my friend Brandi lives five minutes from a beach, loves Jesus, youth, music, and trying to set me up on her blog. To give her the opportunity of finding a new “hobby” I thought I would just showcase a couple friends (who both gave me permission btw) and list some similarites. I mean I’m not saying anything, but feel free to allow your imagination to be creative. πŸ™‚

***And no I don’t have a pic of Brandi b/c she only takes pictures of other people*** (Dear Brandi please post a pic of you on your blog tomorrow thanks!)

Thank you to Tyler and Brandi for being great sports, great friends, and well the rest is up to Jesus but…. πŸ™‚

Now tell me…

5 thoughts on “Now tell me…

  1. Deb says:

    Starting a new business? maybe? I’ll manage the finances, you manage the hearts. Oh, never mind the finances. I know you and it would all be a free love gift anyway:)

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