Sometimes Jesus just stirs up your soul and your heart.

Listen to Him.

So as most of you know, I am “patiently” awaiting a call from CSM about this summer. I had a moment a couple weeks ago where I did the whole “I’m not qualified for this.” “What if I fail?” “Am I spiritually strong enough to lead youth and connect with the city for a whole summer…no I’m not. What if they don’t take me b/c I’m too weak”

And then…God stirred my soul. He reminded me that no I’m not strong enough, but He is and if I will just be faithful and depend on Him I will be ok. He reminded me of why I want and feel like I’m supposed to have this job. He reminded me that people can change. He had me read the story of Saul’s conversion and see it in new powerful ways. (which will prob. be it’s own post). He broke my heart for those struggling with homelessness again.

Then, I read this. And my hands got that little shake to it when you don’t know what to do but your heart is going crazy. Who ever thought I would want to spend my summer with homeless families and at risk communities?

For one of my PR classes we have “community partners” who we do free work for like designing brochures or media kits or volunteer training manuals. Really we do whatever they need that could be consider PR work. Our community partner is the local Food Harvest…a food distributor. They are the ones who send foods to food pantries and soup kitchens and other local agencies as well as host their own programs. We went on a tour of the facilities and the other day and it was like my heart felt a peace. A brokeness but a peace. I want to be serving in those places and raising up a generation that understands service and how to really help people. I want to learn how to really help people. We all struggle in one way or another. Some, like the homeless and poor, just struggle in a more visible, tangible way.

It also reminded me how EASY it is to help. Honestly, so easy. I know everyone seems to be hurting or afraid that they will be hurting financial soon. However, local food pantries send out food as fast as they get it because so many families are in need right now. At one of the schools here in town (i can’t remember the technical name) but 95% of its students are on the free or discounted lunch program. And how do those kids eat on the weekends. Backpack programs through places like the Food Harvest or food pantries. YOU CAN HELP. Just start by going to your pantry and pulling the items that you have two or more of that have been in the pantry for over a month. Put it in a box and donate it to the local food pantry. You have more than 2 and haven’t used it in a month, will you miss it more than they will this month?

I really want this job. Jesus is stirring my spirit to do more than sit here and write empty blogs about giving food from a pantry I don’t have and reading about how to create online help systems.




8 thoughts on “Stirring

  1. Deb says:

    Did I tell you I’m helping at the Shepherd’s Food Pantry on the months COTR serves? My first volunteer day isn’t until the end of March but I’m excited. There are many things I think I would like to do but am waiting on Him to clarify where and when. I agree with you though; it is hard to wait when there is so much to do. I hope you hear from CSM soon:).

  2. thanks for not telling me what you were doing so i could be praying, punk!!! 😉

    seriously though… i am so excited to hear the ways God is making Himself known to you & the way that He is stirring your heart to GO…. so encouraging!!!

  3. sometimes it’s easy. but sometimes i think it’s harder than we think. i mean what if you don’t have a car. or have 4 kids to take on the bus with you. or live in a rural area? anyway, not the point of the comment. I like your self portraits at the end! 🙂

  4. seekingrecklessabandon says:

    @6yearmed…what are you saying is harder than we think? Saving a homeless man or helping those in need? I don’t think the first is easy and I think we make the second harder than it needs to be…I don’t mean to say that is easy like brushing your teeth easy. Just that it’s easier than we let ourselves think.

  5. Hi Jody,

    I read your comments on both Jeff (my pastor) and Pete Wilson’s blogs. I read so many different takes on this pimp this bum website that my head is literally spinning! I suppose one could make a reasonable argument that the end justify the means, but because C3 has the unique perspective of actually spending a good amount of time with Tim and the other guys under the overpass, I really struggle with it. In the end, I guess I fall back on this question: Is this how Jesus would treat these men? If the answer is no, then why is it okay for us to? I realize that Tim is complicit to some degree, but I’ve been down there where he has stood and begged for money. There is a feeling of darkness and hopelessness that is oppressive and almost physical. I can’t say that I would not jump at the chance if I were in Tim’s shoes. Sorry, I don’t mean to ramble on here. I just wanted to address a comment you made on Pete’s blog:

    “Why can’t the site be about raising funds and awareness for programs and networks that teach them and invest in them instead of throw the buck at the website?”

    The answer is that their ultimate goal is not to rehabilitate Tim, it is to bring attention to themselves and thereby make a name for themselves in their field. I don’t doubt that they want to help Tim, but they told me via email that homelessness was simply the cause that they felt would best fit their plan. I don’t want to make these guys out to be monsters, but helping the homeless was never their ultimate goal, it was simply a way to promote their business.

    I hope you get the job. They would be very blessed to have you.

  6. Jesus has been stirring so much in my heart about orphans lately. I have a HUGE desire in my heart to love on those who aren’t loved or aren’t loved well.To be Jesus’ love to them. You would think that this would be something easy. A good thing that God wants you to do. I have tried with several different things and let’s just say it isn’t as easy as it sounds. I’m not giving up because Jesus still has that desire on my heart, but I’ve found it interesting where He has shut doors. [Mozambique… not getting calls from certain volunteer things I applied for] I plan on calling this one place this week to keep trying. I know places need volunteers. It just hasn’t been the easiest process.

    1. seekingrecklessabandon says:

      I know you are tired of practicing patience but keep calling places. The right fit is out there and sometimes the harder we work to find a true fit the more we get out it. 🙂 Keep me posted…praying Jesus rocks your world this week

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