Story of My Life

So the last three weeks I have tried to be really disciplined. Eating better, working out, not over doing it, strengthening but not hurting my back. I have done a pretty good job to be honest with you. This morning I even went and worked out before I had to be at work at 8.

And then, the story of my life happened…


I was walking out of the bathroom, slipped on the water because people can’t freaking keep water in toilets, sinks, and showers, caught myself on the door handle and tightened every muscle my back has. And then it hurt. The kind where your nerves hate you for disrupting them from their slumber. The kind that spasms to remind you how much you hate wet floors and makes you flinch so people think you have issues. The kind where you have to wear your chicken shirt so you don’t think about stupid water! 😦

Anyway, I’m ok. Just irritated because now I have to keep working out but just taking it a little easier. Which is fine, it’s the story of my life but I ‘m learning to not let it stop me anymore. I was just starting to build up strength and endurance and I didn’t want to have to back off. Maintaining I’m ok with, but not decreasing 😦

So, if you share a bathroom with anyone or have a tendancy to slip remember: Water belongs in bottles, bodies, toilets, sinks and tubs

Story of My Life

4 thoughts on “Story of My Life

  1. Hey Jody – trying to find you…e-mail me when you have time. Wanting to see if you have time to help out with the kiddos over your Spring Break. Chris and I have a quick trip to Nashville. Even if you could just do some “after school” time, that would be awesome. I will wait to hear from you! 🙂 (March 26 & 27th)


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