For the Public Interest

Just a few updates and one thought…

1.) I will not hear about CSM this summer until the end of March. Please pray. If this falls through that is not very much time to come up with Plan B and my heart isn’t really into looking for Plan B.

2.) The day after my last post I almost fell again…I caught myself from falling by wrapping myself around a pole…in front of high school students. Just call me Grace.

3.) Tonight my roommates for next year and I had our first roommate dinner! I tried taking a picture of all three of us but the car was very dark. So for now you just get to see one of my housemates, Jessica.


She hates it when I make this face, so I do it alot 🙂 She is however very excited about tucking me in everynight!

And now for a thought……

If I could ask you to pray for “one thing” this week (if you only had room for one prayer I would forfeit the one above and ask you to focus on this one) it would be for the youth and youth leaders in your area.

This last week I talked to one of my campers 3 nights in a row. Her life is crap right now. Honestly it is probably beyond crap but she is still hanging in there. Her mom is in rehab, she is living with other family. She is 13 and experienced more than I ever have. She has been abused in every way and has unlimited potential. We talked for a long time. She needs your prayer. So do her youth leaders, the ones who get to talk to her everyweek and know what is going on in her life.

This morning at youth group I asked Brittney (13) what the highlight of her week was. Brit is one of those girls who you can kinda just tell has had a hard life. Her response was one of real excited. “Well, on Thursday we finally got a restraining order on my soon to be ex-step day. But it’s only on my mom because he hasn’t done anything to me lately” She went on to say a couple years ago he abused her but they wouldn’t extend the order to protect her because he hadn’t come near her lately. So pray for her. That he would stay away. That she would feel safe. That her walls would continue to come down. And pray for her youth leaders.

I talked to another friend, states away who works with her and her girls are dealing with heavy stuff. They need prayer. So does their youth leader.

So, take a moment and pray for the youth in their community. Pray for them and pray for the people who have the opportunities to connect with them. They need it

For the Public Interest

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