Power Through

The next 4 days are all homework and projects. Ick.

I’m not even really sure why annotated bibliographies are important. Who actually reads those anyway?

Last week I lost a flashdrive. It’s the one I use for my computer class. I had worked for an hour on my out of class project. I now add another hour of work onto my project since I have to start over. Boo hiss.

In less than one week though I will get to rest and be in BOSTON with this amazing girl

And we are going to have a relaxed, fun few days. So excited. And because I am excited I will not even complain as much as I normally would about the bibliography, group project, computer class, or partner project.

What do you have to look forward to?

Power Through

One thought on “Power Through

  1. sizlapp says:

    So, I like you. I feel the blogging world is so much more personal.

    I know I sure am ready for spring break too. Next week=hell week. If you need a study buddy this week…you just call me.

    You have fun in Boston. :o)

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