I Think I’ll Go to Boston

I, little midwest girl am on an adventure! Right now I sit in an apartment in Glouchasomething, Massachusetts. It’s right outside Boston, on the ocean, half yuppies and half fisherman town.

It is in a nutshell gorgeous out here. I’m amazed that it’s pretty even when things are still dead from winter. Maybe it’s just because it’s so differenent and my mind equates that with beautiful. I love driving by the shore and seeing boats lined up. I love how little and stacked the neighborhoods and houses are. Everything is so compact. And typically, I feel that I can get a general feel for directions, but so far we have only driven the roads at night. They are all circles, and I never know what direction I am facing, except I think the ocean is to the east.

And there are a freak ton of roundabouts here! I think I have driven through more roundabouts last night than I have my whole life!

Right now I am just relaxing; which is terrific. I think it is easier to relax in someone else’s house all alone because you don’t have the things that distract you at your house to keep you from sitting on the couch and reading about homeless people and updating your blog and watching tv on the internet. It’s wonderful.

Mandy works until one ish and then we are going to the beach with our coats and blankets to read. Tonight we are going to a great little local pub so get some good Massachusetts food (maybe something the fishy men caught) while her roommate has “couply dinner” We are avoiding that and will just have fun maybe watch a movie until the love fest is done here.

I’m sure lots of pictures will be taken but so far I only have one to show you.


This is a picture of my cute little momma and I on the way to the airport. Thanks momma for dropping me off! She looks pretty in this picture….and my mouth/teeth look a little scary. Woops

I Think I’ll Go to Boston

3 thoughts on “I Think I’ll Go to Boston

  1. Dana says:

    I am so proud of you for getting out of comfort zone for a little while! Take tons of pictures b/c I am living vicariously through you this week as I am stuck in Bolivar for my spring break! Love you, be safe, have too much fun!!!!!

  2. Deb says:

    Can’t wait to see what rock you bring home for a souvenir…or maybe a fishing lure from one of those boats…or maybe a teapot….or maybe ????

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