And the Adventure Continues

So right now I’m sitting Detroit, Michigan. I’m supposed to be at home but my connection from Detroit to home was overbooked and I volunteered to stay the night…why? A $300 flight voucher. Yup. I’m a college kid and we will do things for free stuff. The only thing that would have made it better was if I got a free T-shirt.

Northwest did pay for my hotel, my flight tomorrow, gave me food vouchers, and a $300 flight voucher and provided transportation to and from the airport. So now, I fly home at noonish tomorrow. But I don’t have anything with me, accept my medicine. I meant to pack my toothy brush in my backpack and almost always carry and change of clothes in my carry on but of course not this time. So I bought a $5 toothbrush/toothpaste set from the hotel gift store. It better have some dang good bristle because the “carrying case” it comes in is not worth $5.

It’s really cold in Detroit…glad I was wearing my hoody! I had an amazing time on the North Shore and you can expect some great picture posts about it and some awesomeness that “Under the Overpass” is doing in my brain. But until then….you can just be jealous of the personal day I’m having. Just me, a free hotel room, free food, free cable, free wifi, a great book, and this bed.


And the Adventure Continues

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