More North Shore

So I’m waiting to post a few pictures from Ocean Lawn that I want to touch up before posting. But I left my PhotoShop book at school so I will play with them when I get home.

A few other randoms…

After I finished my help system, I found my missing flash drive…such is life.

I still have not heard about this summer. What once was patience no longer exists in my body.

It’s almost April and I’m sitting inside listening to ice hit the windows.

I’m ready for a change this summer and a new adventure.

Ok so here are some more pictures from the No Sho


There were lots of street performers throughout Quincy Market. We watched this guy, a yo-yo champion, and the last stunt from a break dance crew.


The culture there is so diverse and amazing! You walk along the streets and here different languages and accents and dialects. There are not a lot of chain restaurants within the cities; but McDonalds and the staple ones are on the highway in between the cities. Most of the eateries are little mom and pop shops or New England chains. Dunkin Donuts is on every corner! We ate some really amazing food there and had the best chicken kabob sub. We also went to a little Italian pastry shop, Modern Pastries and got cannoli, chocolate covered cheesecake and a rumbumba. The cannoli and cheesecake were amazing! I loved the cheesecake. The rumbumba and my gag reflexes went hand in hand and I will never try that again…o sick.


The ducks in the Common are real cute. There were two little kids riding the little ducks like cowboys and a man touring from somewhere cool (I know this by his thick accent and the telltale signs of tourism) that did a hand stand on two of the ducks.  Behind me you can see a film crew tearing down set….


This was their star! Mandy and Christine decided they wanted to take a picture. I told them they were an amature film crew and not the real stars whose trailers were parked outside the Common. But we didn’t really care, a guy in a space suit in the middle of the Common is always a good picture. When Mandy asked what kind of movie they were making he responded….

“Uh a dirty one. You girls want to be in it?”

No thank you. So I took the picture and as we are leaving Space Man tries to hang out with us. We remembered our “very important dinner meeting with friends” and declined his offer to hang out with him and his crew.

The adventures never end.

More North Shore

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