Jokes On Me

Ok…so my last post.


Right after I posted that I remembered all the other people who read my blog but don’t comment. Like Kelly, whose amazing kids I watch. And her sister Jeanne who also has amazing kids that I watch. And the parents of kids who I teach swim lessons to. Now, all of those people know me and so I was ok, maybe a little nervous/embarrassed but not really.

Then, for one of my classes (the one with 8 group projects) we are paired with a community partner. Ours is the Ozarks Food Harvest and it’s a great ministry and I have really enjoyed working with them. My job is to teach their volunteer coordinator to blog and use twitter to increase awarness and volunteer response from the community.

So, I go to this lady’s house (because somehow I always have to make house calls…another post) yesterday to teach her how to use wordpress. I had already made the sight so I just needed her to check the e-mail to activate it. Well of course it went to her spam e-mail which she has to delete once a week while at work and I sent it to her last week. Still no problem, I just redo it and it says it may take 30 minutes. Well, I don’t know her well enough to be able to kill 30 minutes at her house 🙂 and she is recovering from a car accident and I knew she had to be tired, I remember that feeling. So I decided (not remembering my post) that I would just use my account to show her around wordpress and teach her the basic features.

And of course the post that she sees has to be the one post about sex. Great.

So then I find myself trying to explain it but I’m sure she just thinks I’m a little bit crazy now. Which I might be.

O goodness.

Sidenote: If I have not heard from CSM by next week I will e-mail them and start looking for other options. Feel free to send ideas my way if you know of anything

Jokes On Me

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