Cowgirl Boots and Killing Trees

There is a lot of paperwork when you start a new job…like a whole tree’s worth. (if it were a very small tree, more like a thick flower)

That’s where I am right now, just looking at my country music star cowgirl boots (which I promise to wear this summer with my fashion pants!) and filling out paperwork. In reality I am signing my name and filling in the dates and leaving all the other spots blank because I need to call my Daddy (hi Da Da) about some banking q’s and my Momma about my W-4.

And could someone please tell me what all my favorites are, because I’m not a big favorite person and they ask me for my favorite this and that and the other!

I am so excited to find my Amazon gift card and order some of the suggested readings they give us. I want to read most of them, some of them use words in the titles that make me feel stupid. I don’t read books that force me to use the dictionary just to open them 🙂

Today I think God laughed at me a lot. Every time I told some one about Nashy I had to tell them how good God is and how I doubted and He is so much bigger than I could ever dream and loving and merciful. Anyway, I’m sure He got a good chuckle from how sure I was today that He was good compared to how I felt 32 hours ago.

I have been around long enough (ha ha I just wanted to use that phrase) to know that when God starts moving so does the enemy. And within hours I was already feeling it and battling in my heart. I cried multiple times because I knew I just needed to cry then instead of powering through. Slowly and surely He gets through to me.

One of the first things they do in our online “training” is remind us how hard the transistion back “home” will be after the summer. So, I ask you to start praying now. Please pray for me as I prepare my heart to serve and lead this summer. Please pray for me physically and spiritually. Please pray for Nashville that God will just be the foundation of every single little action that comes from us and that love will wash that city.

Please remember my family too. It’s a transition for us all as I become an adult and home will be very different this summer for everyone.

And if you want…….you can wish that I come home with a little bit of accent 🙂

Cowgirl Boots and Killing Trees

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