The Day My Feet Made Me Sick

This morning I did something terrible.

Something hard and gross and painful.

Something that still hurts.

A real pain in the coccyx.

I took a spin class.

At 6:00 a.m.

It was dark when I got out of bed (I slept in my workout clothes).

I was trying to find shoes.

My roommate moved.

I grabbed the first pair.

Little did I know……DOOM.

I picked the shoes that have like no sole to them…no literally they are little soft sole running shoes.

I thought I would be fine because I’m dumb and had no idea what I was doing up that early.

Anyway I go and of course I’m the youngest person and sidenote I may have cushion on my butt but I still have a bony butt.

And boy howdy can I feel it.

It was 50 minutes of pure torture because of my feet. I can’t even tell you if the class hurt the rest of my body until this afternoon when it set it. But for that 50 minutes, all I could focus on was my feet.


The pedals are metal like a street bicycle and it felt like I was riding barefoot. Which if you don’t know, I hate being barefoot unless it’s on the beach or really cold soft grass and even that doesn’t last long. So at first I was like ow that hurts then I couldn’t focus on anything but the fact that my feet were breaking. I thought they were going to bruise. I was so scared and so in pain. I was consumed by it. I even prayed that Jesus would hide my foot pain from me so I could do this class. He laughed a little I bet watching me. I kept trying to readjust my feet so the bar of the pedal didn’t hurt so bad. I’m sure everyone thought I was a little faker.

And the old people were doing better than me. I have given up being competitive against my own age group. I know I’m at the bottom but man when Granny and Old Aunt June pass me up I just can’t handle it.

I was so consumed by this foot pain that they started cramping because I kept trying to hold my toes up. Then I wanted to cry. I didn’t feel good, I was in pain, and I was mad about it. Then I realized that I wanted to throw up and I was even more mad about that. I had made myself sick over a pair of feet.

So…moral of the story…and by moral I mean the end. My feet are still there. They are sore. My coccyx hurts like something else. My legs are sore.

And most of all I learned that…..I whine about not being comfortable when I worked out. At least I had flimsy shoes ons. I should be thankful because I had the chance to workout, pain and all.

When I was done I thought of the Compassion Bloggers in India. The people they are meeting are way stronger than me. They go barefoot. And they could probably kick my ailling coccyx in Spin class.

I will go again on Friday…and maybe never again after that 🙂

The Day My Feet Made Me Sick

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